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Advancing the path to better treatment by connecting people with research.

curestatus makes medical information accessible and understandable, improving how we understand our health and interact with and support research to find new treatments and cures.

95.7% of the global population has health problems.

$244 Billion was invested in 2022 in research to combat thousands of diseases and health conditions.

Still, the FDA only approves around 43 new treatments a year. 80% of clinical trials globally fail to enroll on time. Research is slow and expensive.

The curestatus mission is to advance humanities progress towards curing all conditions by making it easy for people to engage with medical information and research.

Built for everyone.

curestatus is a free, easy-to-use resource for info on conditions, treatments, or clinical trials; built on top of a powerful enterprise-grade clinical research tool.

Complexity Sliders
Change the written complexity of any piece of content on curestatus to your level of understanding: Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced.
Fully Customizable
Create custom dashboards with content you curate, and subscribe to updates for any condition, treatment, or trial.
curestatus grades make it easy to understand key information at a glance, incl. Side Effect Score and Trial Quality.

Become a part of the solution.

curestatus members are the driving force behind our mission. Our app and website is built to enable and support researchers, doctors, patients and their loved ones.

We help people to find clinical trials, to understand what’s involved with participating, and in turn help research projects to find volunteers.

We make it easy to share reliable, trustworthy information on cures, conditions, and treatments with patients, loved ones, or friends.

We build community with built-in boards for interaction and discussion, creating local spaces for our members to engage with every condition, rare disease, treatment, or clinical trial.

We help researchers, students, and professionals to engage with clinical trial information, and track, share, export, and follow studies, aggregating key information from sources like, pharmaceutical company press releases, and trustworthy news sources.

We give back. Each year we select non-profit research foundations, rare-disease communities, and advocacy groups. All curestatus members vote to select where we donate a percentage of our annual revenue.

We hope you join us in improving the way we understand, connect with, and develop new cures.

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